Essential oil Necklace diffuses
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Ideal to keep your favorite oil to hand
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Diffuser Necklaces 

A diffuser necklace is a portable, wearable, fashionable way to get all the benefits of essential oils without having to take your oils with you and risk spillage.
Choose from a range of styles that work like a locket, you will receive an assortment of diffuser pads in assorted colours.

Place a couple of drops of your prefered essential oil on the pad provided and place within the jewellery, This will allow you to inhale the diffused scent. 
Just a few drops will last all day long, ideal for taking with you in the last trimester

Once the aroma fades, 
you can add more of the same oil or try a different one to create your own unique blend.

Supplied with extra pads and in a gift box

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